70 years of Street Photography


Photo by Loredana Nemes from her series Underground, 2005 - 2006. Courtesy of Kunst Haus Wien

Vienna is much more than its famous painters and waltz; it is also the place to see fantastic photo exhibitions like “Street. Life. Photography”, at the Kunst Haus Wien.

Come see the "Street.Life.Photography" exhibition in Vienna

Natan Dvir, Juicy Couture 01, 2008 @ Natan Dvir

Until the 16th of February, you have the opportunity to appreciate seventy years of street photography, from international icons like Diane Arbus and Robert Frank to young, contemporary artists like the Austrian Lies Maculan and Alex Dietrich.

Street photography is one of the favourite subjects of the 20th and 21st centuries, so much as to become a genre of its own.

The reason we love these shoots is that the instant the street photographer decides to capture an image; the city's streets become the stage and the passers-by, the stars. Fleeting moments, looks or expressions are immortalised through the lens of photographers, which allows us to see the world through their eyes.

Instead of showing the works in chronological order, the curators of the exhibition, Verena Kaspar-Eisert and Sabine Schnakenberg, decided to divide the more than 200 photos into five themes; Street Life, Crashes, Public Transfer, Anonymity, and Alienation. In each segment, they juxtaposed pictures by photographers from different times and with different styles, which makes it even more fascinating.

Come see the "Street.Life.Photography" exhibition in Vienna

Axel Schön, Untitled, 1933 @ Axel Schön

You can clearly see the radical changes in street photography from the early days of analogue black and white pictures in the ‘30s to today’s digital photography. Interestingly, not only the way artists shoot the photographs ave changed but also the aesthetic and vision of the photographers.

Come see the "Street.Life.Photography" exhibition in Vienna

Mikro Martin, untitled, 2006 - 2011 @ Mikro Martin

And since you’re at the Kunst Haus, I strongly recommend you get the combination ticket and also visit the Hundertwasser Museum. And do make a pit stop at the cute cafe restaurant at the Kunst Haus Wien that has Hundertwasser’s unmistakable style; multicolours, irregular and soft edges and plenty of green.

Enjoy it,