We really dug every online shop!


Fashion lovers, you won’t have any problem to look stylish while keeping warm this winter thanks to the chic winter boots we handpicked for you. We dug every online shop, literally, to find the best Winter 2020 boots, paying special attention to this year's shoe trends. By the way, you can read about all the footwear trends in the article Start fall on the right foot, or better said, in the right shoes!

Knee-high and over-the-knee boots

Celine and Givenchy presented for this winter knee-high boots that add a polished touch to most outfits. This season, we are going to wear skirts and culottes paired with high boots like the bourgeois French girls and BCBGs used the wear in the ’80s and ’90s. But in 2020, boots come in all colours and the silhouette is wider and looser.

And that’s not all. For the more fashion-forward ones, there are also the new over-the-knee-boots with wide shaft legs that look almost like leather trousers. Wear them over your pants or instead of them under a long coat as nobody will tell the difference!


Chelsea boots

No year can go by without this winter staple. The classic Chelsea boots got revamped, and they look way bulkier this season. The chunky soles will keep you from freezing and add coolness and nowness to your favourite footwear.


Lace-up boots

Since fall, lace-up boots have been all over our Instagram feeds. There are many different types of boots with laces. Combat boots and desert boots add instant coolness to your winter outfits. They are super comfortable, and the chunky soles keep your feet warm even in the snow. There are the elegant lace-up boots and ankle boots that look so pretty and polished. And also, the chunky hiking boots that have moved down from the mountains and invaded the streets of the trendiest cities around the world. You can know more about it by reading our article Why trekking boots are the shoes you need now.


Shearling boots

Whether shearling-lined or covered in the sheepskin, shearling boots and booties are not only warm, they are, believe it or not, very chic indeed! These boots will get the fashion crowd through winter in style even in cosmopolitan cities; so you won’t have to be crossing the alps singing “the hills are alive” to wear them! Shearling boots are so cosy and look so good; you’ll want to spend the whole season in them.


Snow boots

The classic - and usually ugly - snow boots got a makeover for winter 2020 and have become so chic you won’t have to change shoes once you’re inside. Don’t wait for the snow; you can start wearing them now and go on until spring, even if you don’t live in Alaska.


Keep walking - in style!


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